Welcome to my garden!  I have really enjoyed putting my mark on the Grandview Motel property since arriving here in 2006.  I am proud to say I have accomplished quite a bit in that time.  One of the first projects was to clear away large arborvitae trees to reveal a faded totem pole.  Our daughters helped to creatively paint the 9 different images. We have also applied several different mosaic designs on our retaining walls using pennies!  A lot of Liquid Nails and a bunch of $$$ (about $150). 













  Penny fish!                                                                                      

                                                                                                                          A place to relax on the Room 1 patio.    



Coming up the driveway....


Our "money tree"  -- too bad it never produces.                                                         Russian sage, wave petunias and our fancy juniper.

One of my trademarks is the use of the color blue.  I keep the blue bottles out year 'round for added color.   In 2009 we had a major

hail storm and had to replace the motel roof.  We chose a beautiful blue steel to complement the color of the river on a sunny day!

We had the driveway & parking lot re-paved in June 2010.  Prior to that, I built the stone retaining wall the runs up the entire driveway -- about 125 feet long.  It was back breaking work but a labor of love, as all gardening is to me!  I had pre-planted some shrubs, bulbs, and perennials a couple years ago and added more, eliminating all the grass that once graced the whole steep slope.  We had the rainiest summer on record so I didn't have to water it very much.  It really makes for a great entrance to the Grandview!


It's always different each year as I move plants around from place to place.  I have divided 5 hostas that were here in 2006 and now have

over 230 of them throughout our property.  I have always enjoyed fairies, and now we live in Fairyville..I mean Ferryville! It's such a delight to be lucky enough to actually see a fairy -- you just have to look for them! 



                       Fairyville                                                          Fairy sandcastle                       Such a lovely neighborhood to reside in



Our funky topiary kits.                                                                                   I have good luck with wave petunias.


Lilys of all sorts.........                                                                             Believe it or not, this was just one tiny petunia plant.


                                    Thank you for visiting my garden!  Now you need to make plans to see it in person. 


                                 2011                                                                   2012                                                                  2013


 Topiary pots                     summer                                                     fall                                                             Christmas poinsettias